Friday, December 10, 2010

9/10/2010 Wednesday Day 20 Kathmandu to Nagarkot

Woke up this morning tried and wanting to go back to sleep, but the urge to empty the bowels was much stronger.  Diarrhoea again! Oh well off to breakfast. We ate our cooked breakfasts at the top of a hotel overlooking the Thamel skyline. We finished our breakfast and headed back to our hotel, Ollie went in search of an ATM machine I went and paid for our hotel room and found myself getting started in Ollie’s book “Running with Scissors”. An hour later Ollie finally found his way back to the Hotel after paying someone to guide him.

We got on our bikes minus the dry bags as we were going to travel light for two days riding around the Kathmandu valley. We headed south of Thamel and ended up in the south of Patan in the southern part of Kathmandu, another wrong right turn lead us into the south eastern foot hills of the Kathmandu heading towards Godawari. We looked at the map realized our mistake and headed back up north. We quickly got back on route and onto the main drag, which contained four lanes of chaos. We noticed a few flattened dogs on the road and hoped that wouldn’t happen to us.   
Riding up to Nagagrkot

We continued towards Bhaktapur and once there we found a way in the general direction of Nagarkot. I soon felt tired and struggled with any descent pace. Ollie powered off ahead, but routinely came back to check on my progress. We ended up riding the ridge route up to Nagarkot view tower. We enjoyed a coke and mountain dew, before viewing the tower. A lot of local couples were up at tower most likely taking their girl friends for a romantic afternoon outing to the rubbish littered hill top. It seems that the higher class produces a lot of the litter as they don’t show any respect to their environment. We descended down the sealed road towards Nararkot almost took out a mob of youth walking up the road.

We checked out the club Himalaya hotel but found it was a little out of our price range at $100US a night. We then ended up getting a penthouse suite at another Hotel more in our price range at the Himalayan Heart Hotel. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching BBC world, snoozing and showering. We then ended the day with a steak dinner.    

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