Tuesday, December 7, 2010

28/09/2010 Sunday Day 9 Manang Rest Day

Hurray sleep in this morning, which was greatly appreciated as my cough had worsened the night before. When we finally drag ourselves out of bed we continued the trend of wonderfully cooked breakfasts. It didn’t take much persuading to get Ollie to mix his peanut butter with the surplus jam to make an ultimate hybrid spread for his toast.  After taking a few month bites Ollie didn’t show any symptoms of power vomiting, even though the thought of this concoction was enough to turn my stomach, but like always I had to give it go and was quite surprised to find it very tasty. 

We decided to head up the side of Annapurna III, we walked up to over 3800m to a place where there were pair flags strung across the mountain side.  On the way up we passed a few locals carrying bundles of sticks down the mountain back to Manang must likely to use as fire wood. Seeing this was just another reminder how much easier we have life back in NZ.  

On the trip back down I had to stop and patch up a wee dam, whilst admiring the views of the surrounding mountains.  We went back down to Manang to find us some lunch from the Hotel next to ours. We started a game of chess, which somehow I managed to win even though Ollie was taking me apart.  I felt quite drossy after lunch, which I guess was due to a combination of my cough, altitude and lack of sleep, so we both took a short nap.

After a refreshing nap we discussed what we should do for the rest of the afternoon. Ollie was keen to walk up to cave, but after discovering it was above 4000m we decided to flag that idea and take our bikes up the track we walked up in the morning.  Without the weight of the dry bags on the bikes we were quickly able to ride and carry our bikes up the steep track. On the way up we noted all the good photo and filming spots. I began to film and take photos of Ollie descending the steep picturesque trails. This often required Ollie to carry his bike up to ride to repeat a section to make sure we got the right shot; it’s a hard job being a model, but Ollie pulled it off.   We even managed to get some helmet came footage by taping Ollies camera to his helmet.

Once back in Manage we visited our favourite bakery for some afternoon treats.  I wrote today’s diary log whilst watching the Sunset over the Annapurnas from the third story of the Yeti Hotel.  The sky turned from blue to red/orange and then to a deep pink bluish colour. The contrast of the mountains and the evening sky was as crisp as the cool mountain air. 

Onwards and upwards to Thorung Phedi at 4500m tomorrow. This requires over 1000m climbing and approximately 15km to travel, from there just a mere hop of 900m and then downhill to Muktinath. 

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