Wednesday, December 1, 2010

20/09/2010 Monday Day 1 Christchurch to Singapore

Ollie testing the constraints of his Cactus Henry pack

Day one of Oliver's and mine cycle touring trip of Nepal involved a rather uneventful 10 hour flight from NZ to Singapore on the always pleasant Singapore Airlines. A delightful lunch meal of lamb and beef broke the mind numbing succession of 'on demand' in flight movies.
Our plane from chch

Disembarking through to baggage collection and custom clearance was well under a record 30min, and by far the fastest disembarkation for both Ollie and myself; this was a mere appetizer of Singapore's streamlined efficiency.  We took Singapore's MRT rail system to our hostel located in Singapore's "Little India" area. Once arriving at the station we spent an eternity trying to find our hostel called the "Hang Out" in the soaking heat and humidity of equatorial Singapore. The hostel was much more impressive than its slang name implies and features nice and clean modern rooms and boosted many neat extras like internet, a pool table complete with missing white ball and a 4 inch deep lap pool on the7th floor garden terrace overlooking the Singapore skyline.
Riding the Singapores MRT

Lying in bed ready for sleep, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's morning breakfast as I haven't eaten for hours.  I'm also pondering the crazy contrast in climate between Singapore's sauna experience and the freezing windblown snow cutting into my face from the day's before skiing at Craigyburn.

Comment/thought of the day: Ah air conditioning is a godsend.

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