Friday, December 10, 2010

10/10/2010 Thursday Day 21 Nagarkot to Kathmandu

Explosive diarrhoea this morning and again before breakfast, this had all the makings for a shitty day. Our expected views of the Himalayas also failed to show themselves through the dense haze. I enjoyed a good bowl of porridge for breakfast, and was climbing the four stories back to our room to get the last of the gear and began to feel queasy, I wasn’t sure from which end it was going to come from!

A few deep breaths and I began to feel better, we got on the bikes rode 300m and went the work way this was going to be one of those days.  As Ollie was adamant we were again on the wrong path we ended up riding back past the hotel we were in to an intersection to get our bearings. We then rode past our hotel again as we were on the correct path. We followed the track for a while, things were looking good to get us to Jinuv, but we mistakenly took a left which lead us in another half hour dead end.

We finally got to Jinuv and where a local man guy pointed us in the wrong direction, which we unknowing followed for yet another 30 minute detour.
This track was at first quite nice single track but then just vanished in the midst of rice terraces. No good back we go.  We finally got on the correct track some 3 hours after leaving Nagarkot.

An hour later we were at Chispani having lunch and cokes. We bought some permits and headed on, this leg of the 4wd track had not been used for quite some time and was covered in plenty of growth.  I felt like Indiana Jones but much cooler smashing through the dense vegetation on the bike. After two hours we came on top of ridge, as this made no sense and we were totally sick of the continued back tracking we used the compass and the watch to confirm that we were facing south and south we went back to the comforts of Kathmandu, somewhere in the distant valley below.  We descended through the nice jungle and broke out in the mess and filth of the outskirts of Kathmandu. We rode back into the chaos and finally got back to the hotel.

Of to the ‘Rum Doodles 40000 and ½ ft’ bar and restaurant for pizzas and lassis, yummy.  This restaurant is one of the best known restaurants in Kathmandu as the all Everest climbers have their names signed on small plaques hanging all over the restaurant walls. 

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