Friday, December 10, 2010

7/10/2010 Monday Day 18 Pokhara

Well having drunken 2L of coke does not help one’s sleep! It was past midnight before I finally was able to get some sleep.  Morning came and we were down by the lake front in front of our Hotel for breakfast. I enjoyed some sort of Mexican dish which went down a treat, we then went into town to do some emailing, buy some Oakleys, (warranties to come in the mail) and pick up our washed clothes. 

We then got our clean shorts on and headed up to the world piece monastery on the bikes. The climb up was hot and very sweaty, I almost drowned in my own sweat, but once we got there the views were rewarding, but only one or two of the distant Annapurna peaks were showing themselves through the fluffy white clouds.  One would imagine the views to be breath taking provided the clouds would only vanish. 

We headed back down to get lunch, this also let us get away from some really annoying kid that had followed me up the last part to the Pagoda and pulled at us for 15 to 20 minutes whilst we were up there. Ollie found a way down which turned out to be 100m descent of kidney bashing stairs only to find out by some locals that the track went down to the lake and we would need a boat to get across. So we climb up an old track that brought us back to 100m of where we dropped in from. I knew the way down this time as I had mistakenly taken the route on the way up.

Bakery food was had once back in Pokhara followed by some Sprites as for some reason I had no lust for coke. Back at the Hotel we showered up and headed back into town to find the Babylon cafe of which no one seemed to know about to catch up with some Swiss girls whom we had met at Thorung Phedi. We were just about to give up looking for the cafe when we ran into them on the street. We took them out to the Everest Steak House for some good steaks, I had an onion mushroom sauce on mine tonight and it was nothing short of delicious. A bit of parting was on the cards and we dance in the crazy Pokhara laser lights. Deserts and back to bed to catch the 7:30am bus back to Kathmandu.     

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