Tuesday, December 7, 2010

27/09/2010 Sunday Day 8 Timang to Manang

My cough that I inherited from Ollie a few days earlier reached a new level last night. It was persistent enough that an Israeli guy gave me a cough tablet and told me to wrap clothing around my neck, which seemed to work as I didn’t cough until morning, so we all got a good night sleep. 

We woke to a beautiful sunrise, with clear views of the surrounding snow capped peaks.  We had apple porridge and Tibetan bread for breakfast, both were large portions, I ended up having to finish of Ollie’s bread. 
Yummy Tibetan bread
Sherpas doing it hard!

We got under way at 7:45ish and were immediately spoiled by nice tracks to ride in the morning sun. We only had to do a short climb/carry before Koto, and then soon were in Chame, our goal from two days ago!  In Chame we found that the entire village of a few hundred people were watching a Vollyball tournament.  We pressed on and found that around every corner we were greeted with magnificent vistas of the mountains. 
Riding next to a 100m vertical drop

On the road to Chame

Around the corner from Bhratang we came across the Swargadwari Danda a mountain which has an almost smooth rock face, making an almost perfect giant natural wall ride. We quickly carried on another small climb of a few hundred metres and were greeted by a gently downhill to lower Pisang.

We had lunch at this beautiful village that looked up to upper Pisang and Pisang Peak.  After our lunch we carried on to Manang, we climb over a small hill called Deuralidanda, which then gave us a spectacular views of the valley leading up to Manang.  The riding up the valley was straight forward and I even got the Rohloff into gear 5 for change.  The cool tail wind made for easy riding and we made Manang around 1500ish.  Ollie called it and we stayed at the ‘Yeti Hotel’.  Our room even had an en suite with a lukewarm shower.  We cleaned ourselves up and went to explore Manang. 
Lower Pissang

Riding towards Manang

We followed our noses and found a bakery with chocolate rolls and croissants.  We strolled through town and found a local movie theatre, we chatted to manager, a 21 year old for a bit before the movie started. We also talked to Canadian from Toronto who was having difficulties with the altitude and was suffering from numbness in his face and limbs from the Dimonxia.  No problems for Ollie and me at 3540m.   We watched ‘Into the thin air’ and were glad that we were only going up to some 18000ft rather than above 2400ft. 

Just had my first bowl of fired momos for dinner, yummy.  Looking forward to bed tonight and an easy acclimatisation day tomorrow. 

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