Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21/09/2010 Tuesday Day 2 Singapore

Up at first light lining up at the breakfast buffet my stomach was revving for food. Cereal, toast and cooked eggs, sausages and macaroni was up for grabs. I've never had macaroni from a can before, but I bet I now know what it taste likes.  After thirds we started today’s adventure of Singapore.

First of up was Sim Lim Towers, as Ollie needed an Ipod and graphics card for his brother. After spending an hour waiting for the shops to open and checking out all 17 floors of Sim Lim Towers we found out Singaporeans don't open their shops before 10:30 am. I've never see so many shops selling the same thing, particularly multi-meters.
Ollie taking on the Singapore peace lion

We then quested onwards with our breakfast plan of getting to Sanatosa Island. We walked for an hour to the heart of the business district, Raffle City, and were amazed by the size of the buildings; after noticing one lot of three tours with what looked like Noah’s ark sitting on top we proceeded to get to the top of it. $20 and an additional $1 for a handheld voice guide which failed to work we got to the top of the 57 story hotel complex and were blown away by the views over Singapore city.  We could see the recent F1 course, downtown the extensive container port and ships as far as the eye could see.  After setting next to the pool that looked as if would drop away to street some 250m below our stomachs began to command food.

As we were in Asia we decided we should by pass the American burger bar offering T-shirts and bragging rights for devouring their mega burger for some Asian cuisine. We found a nice Sushi restaurant with a Sushi train. We were further impressed by the $19 buffet they advertised. We quickly proceeded to making the most of the delicious buffet and our plates began to stack high. We reached the height of the sushi express train and I started to fade, Ollie always encouraging, egged me on.  Remembering we still had the desert options as well, we asked the waitress which deserts apply to the buffet only to find out that buffet did not exist at this particular restaurant in the franchise. The look on Ollies face went from satisfaction to bewilderment. The stack of empty plates ended being $80.
Oh so much sushi!

We made our way to ‘Habour Front Vivi Mall’ on the southern tip of Singapore Island. Here we spent an hour finding the means of crossing over to Santosa Island. We eventual took the monorail over the expensive cable cars and boat rides. We found a nice beach where we enjoyed some Moven Pick ice creams.  I suffered a power nose bleed due to my body struggling with the heat.  We had a quick dip in the warm sea water, making sure not to ingest any as I could only imagine what things could be in the water supporting the largest flotilla in the world.
Come on the brain freeze!

7/11 frozen Slurpees offered us a new challenge racing off to see which one of us would get brain freeze first. We took the efficient MRT back to the hostel as the light faded, both of us tired from the relentless heat, but excited about tomorrows destination of Kathmandu.  

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