Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2/10/2010 Thursday Day 13 Tatopani to Ghorepani

The Nilgiri breakfast view

We ate breakfast with a magnificent view up to Nilgiri, which was quite fitting as we had the Nilgiri breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs and porridge. We then departed at a lazier time of after 8am.  We quickly descended down to the bridge at Gharkhola and we began our arduous 1700m climb up to Ghorepani.  The scenery wasn’t as nice today, the day turned from blue clear skies to an overcast of orographic cumulus cloud. 

The first part of the climb was by far the hottest, I was soaked, my helmet and shirt were dripping with sweat, but onwards and upwards up the never ending stairs. At one stage I counted 375 steps in more or less a single flight of stairs.

We passed many locals going about their ways, children would often chase after us as we rode up the hill.  Every now and then there would exist a small downhill section that would help cool us down as sped down it.

Mountain Pedaler eating a Mountain Man bar

We ended up having lunch at Chitre. It took an age before my fried potatoes and Tibetan bread to arrive. I was rude and got stuck into it quickly while Ollie patiently waited for his meal to arrive.  I finished mine off and Ollie’s still had not arrived. Ollie’s patience finally gave out and went to investigate, only to find that it had not been ordered.  So another 20 minutes later he finally got his lunch.  We then pressed on and broke into our climbing sweats. Ollie powered off ahead and I went on at my pace.  We got to Ghorepani an hour later and found a nice hotel for 200Ru a night. I enjoyed one of the best showers I’ve had on the trip and waited for dinner.  Tonight I again went with the Dhalbut as last night’s serving was very delicious. 
Almost there

Statistics: travel time 5hours 30 minutes, 1700m climb

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