Thursday, December 2, 2010

24/09/2010 Friday Day 5 Kurintar to Besishaha

Porridge and cooked breakfast was enjoyed at our exquisite resort overlooking the nearby river.  This provided fuel for the first four hours of riding, which we ended up needing as we took an extra 26km detour since we rode past the turn off to Besishaha at Dumre. The detour involved a good climb of well over 700m climb and about 1½ hours of riding.

Once we finally found the road to Besishaha the hot mid down sun began to beat down on us with vengeance. This proved to be a real damper on our progress.  I found the going very tuff as I struggled with the heat, but I keep drinking from my camel pack and refilled it once after midday.  In the early afternoon I finally succumbed to the heat and we stopped at the next river for a rest and soak in the cool water. The 15 minutes rest was greatly enjoyed and helped us carry on for the next 22km to Besishaha.
First glimpses of the Annapurnas

Today was the first clear day in Nepal and we got to see our first glimpse of the Annapurna Himalayan mountain range.  Although we were still well over 50km away the mountains showed their grand height by towering over the building fair weather cumulus.   The riding through the country side was beautiful, as we were surrounded by vibrant greens from the lush vegetation.  The handmade rice terraces also showed their impressive beauty.        
Ollie and some of the local boys who pushed us up a hill
Riding out in the lush country side
Me enjoying the cool river water

We finally came into Besishaha around 1630 and found a hotel next to the Danish Red Cross. Another top notch meal was enjoyed for a total of 1200Ru for both Ollie and I. The meal consisted of five cokes/fantas and curries to put any NZ curry to shame, this was followed by ice cream for dessert. After our dinner one of the Dane’s talked to us and gave us some advice for the trail as well as what he and his team were doing in Nepal.    

I’m looking forward to starting the track tomorrow. 54km to Chame, but may have to settle for a bit short of this as the going is meant to be quite tuff to Chame, but I guess we’ll see tomorrow. 

Statistics: 70 +26 km = 96km  from 0830 to 1600 = 7.5 hours.

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