Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Great Southern Brevet

Pre-ride briefing. Ah the sweet smell of eagerness combined with generous amounts of Chamois cream... a brevet must be about to start. 

Pre start group photo

Climbing out of Lake Alexandrina, yay 5km done!

Down hill time

My accommodation for the evening:)

Selfie at the Omarama Saddle

Looking down the Manuherikia West Valley, aren't river crossings fun?

At the start on the climb along Thomson Gorge Road. Got to love the head wind!

Lake Hawea

The 1200m down hill into Arrow town begins 

Crossing the Lower Shot Over River

Walter Peak Station

The bow of the Earnslaw packed full of Breveters

It does not get much nicer than this!

Shadow me

Looking back towards Lake Wakatipu

Riding along side with Burno

A quick break with Burno and Rob before riding off into the cold sunset of Mavora. 

The big climb from Garsten into the head of the Nevis.

Relaxing and drying out my gear in the Nevis.

Filling drink bottles in preparation for the big haul out of the Nevis to Alex.

Ken and I finally climb out of the Nevis, onward to Alex.

Half way down the monster descent from the Nevis.

A beautiful morning above Alexandra. Slept 20m from a cemetery, turned out to be the best sleep on the brevet. 

Sweet bike rack made by the cafe manager's farther. The all day breakfast filled the large void in tummy. 

Rainbow... what does it mean?

Cumulonimbus forming over the Maniototo

Top of Dannies Pass. Well fed, down hill and a tail hind... I couldn't ask for more.  

Dannies Pass  

After carrying my mp3 player over 1000km I thought I might as well use it.

Chasing my shadow... well somebody needs to keep me entertained.

Bad weather on the left and good on the right... guess which way the road bends!

At the top of the Hakatarmea pass, only 45km to go into a westerly.

Tekapo still kilometres away, but nearing closer with ever pedal stroke.

about 15km to go, heading towards dog kennel corner

nearly there

just around the corner...

 the final down hill into Tekapo, home sweet home.

and finally the finish line. Bonus lap anyone? 

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