Thursday, May 12, 2011

The infamous KFC Double Down

Ever since my flat mate Tim returned from the states a year ago telling a tale of a legendary KFC burger which uses chicken breasts instead of buns; I was left wondering what would such a creation taste like? Would my taste buds ever get to indulge in the glory of eating one of these burgers known as the ‘double down’.

A little more than a month ago KFC made an announcement that would change the NZ fast food industry forever: KFC were introducing the double down into their finger licking menu.  This created an up roar with NZ’s politically correct health critics, but their boycotting message of discouraging the population of consuming such a hazardous food item has only fuelled the nation’s desire to feast on this greasy beast of a burger.  Well this only left me salivating in anticipation. 

The month of April flew by and the first of May came, but where was the double burger? Had our beloved PC health critics won the battle of the ‘double down’.  NO! I just had incorrectly convinced myself of the release date.  I had to count down another 11 long days, much like the wait for Christmas. As the release date neared I mentioned to my flatmates the concept of the ‘double double down’. This would involve eating two double downs in one seating, surely this would double the thrill. I'm sure I could handle this challenge as I known to fight/eat a few classes above my weight.  

  Finally the day arrived, an evening mountain bike ride burned away what was left in my tummy.  Down to the Cashmere dirty bird (aka KFC) and the wait continued in the endless line of double fans.  I surprised Nic when I ordered the large double down combo, but the extra double down I ordered was expected, as I’m not one to back down from challenge, especially one that I put forward.  We finally received our orders and race back home at the speed limit and lined up the burgers ready for devouring.      
Double down group shot
The double double line up. 

Nic finishes swallowing a satisfying bite of the Zinger double down.

Tim the double down veteran gets stuck into his first down under version  of the  double down.

My first bite into the original recipe double down hit the spot like Joe DiMaggio hitting a home run in the final of a World Series.  The crispy bacon strips teased the tasted buds on their way down my esophagus, the cheesy chicken breast also slid down with ease due to the greasy lubrication of the double down.  With a few more bites the beast was done.  Satisfied and left craving for more I unwrapped the second of my double downs. 
Me beginning the Zinger double down.

This one was the Zinger double down, which is chicken breast coated in the mouth watering hot and spicy recipe batter.  As the typical teenage girl would say “OMG” is what I thought as I took my first bite. Wow this made my mouth climax. A few more bites  and I had completed the one of life’s greatest challenges the KFC double double down. 

I highly recommend this bun-less wonder to everyone, vegetarians and diabetics included life’s too short not experience it.  To sum it up I would like to quote my favourite inventor Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”.  Wow didn’t think I would ever say that about a burger, especially one produced by KFC.        

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